Combatting Hate

Ensuring Safe Societies

The Global Imams Council strongly believes that combatting hate is essential for building a more inclusive and peaceful society. It requires a commitment from individuals, communities, governments, and civil society organizations to work together towards common goals, promoting understanding, dialogue, and respect. By prioritizing combatting hate, we can create a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Combatting hate requires a multifaceted approach that involves promoting acceptance, understanding, and respect. Here are some strategies that The Global Imams Council applies to combat hate:

  1. We brief our Imams and members consistently: The GIC Governing Board ensures that all members of the council are updated with the latest news and information regarding hateful developments and ways to combat them. Such awareness-raising helps combat hate by highlighting the negative impact of discrimination and prejudice.
  2. We train our Imams to combat hate: Our Council leadership are experts in combatting hate, extremism and terrorism; having achieved varying degrees from psychology, law, counterterrorism and social development. Our leadership provides training to our general council members, equipping them with the tools to identify hateful messaging and tackling it ideologically.
  3. We enhance education: Education is essential for combatting hate, as it promotes understanding and tolerance between different groups. The Global Imams Council is the only Muslim council involved in the development of a Peace Curriculum alongside The Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics, and has been hosted by various parties, including the Italian Senate and Sapienza University of Rome – the largest university in Europe.
  4. We impact legislation and policy: The GIC works to establish legal frameworks that protect Muslims and non-Muslims from discrimination. These include the banning of extremist preachers, designation of terrorist entities, and the advocacy for hate crime legislation and policies that promote diversity and inclusivity in all public institutions. As an example of this work, the GIC is the first and only Muslim organization to support the outlawing of Holocaust Denial and Distortion by the Canadian government.
  5. GIC Community Engagement: The GIC also combats hate by promoting dialogue and understanding between different groups. This is reflected in community-based initiatives that promote social cohesion and inclusivity, such as outreach programs and international delegations that meet with various Muslim communities to understand and resolve their respective challenges.
  6. GIC Media Presence: The GIC utilizes its influence to help combat hate by promoting accurate facts and advice to media organizations, websites and journalists. The GIC also engages in initiatives that teach individuals how to recognize and challenge hate speech and propaganda.