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The Global Imams Council

Excellence in Leadership

Who We Are

We are a global council of Islamic scholars and faith leaders from all Islamic sects and schools of thought. This unity of Sunni-Shia Muslim scholars places our council in a unique position of officially representing the wider interests of the Muslim world.

Our Mission

We seek to serve and represent Muslim communities while upholding mainstream Islamic teachings, those derived from the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Noble Prophet (pbuh). We unite Imams, and advocate for peaceful coexistence between all citizens.

What We Do

6 Facts About GIC



The Global Imams Council is the world’s first and largest international NGO of Islamic religious Leaders from all Islamic Denominations.



Our diverse council of Imams operates with respect and appreciation for all races, ages and ethnicities. The GIC is a pulpit for Imams from minority communities.



Our Imams are established and prominent representatives of the holy Islamic Seminaries, and oversee the affairs of Muslim communities worldwide on a daily basis.



The GIC is recognized by the Holy Islamic Seminaries of Najaf and Karbala, Republic of Iraq; and accredited by The Islamic Fatwa Council (IFC).



The GIC makes its support for peace and coexistence known to all, and openly opposes hate, extremism and terrorism.



The GIC is the first and only Imams Council in history to provide women with administrative roles. 

Our Success

What explains the ongoing success and achievements of The Global Imams Council?

Sed Fringilla Mauris Sit Amet Nibh. Donec Sodales Sagittis Magna. Sed Consequat, Leo Eget Bibendum, Sodales, Augue Velit Cursus Nunc, Quis Gravida Magna Mi A Libero.

GIC’s deputies, members and ambassadors are present in every continent, and in every major city.

The Global Imams Council opposes all forms of sectarianism and united Imams and scholars from all schools of thought.

GIC’s Imams have a rich history countering extremist ideologies and terrorism. All Imams undergo training and certification prior to joining GIC.

GIC provides democratic governments and leading organizations with expert advice on matters related to: national security, Islam, the Middle East, minorities and human rights. In October 2020, the GIC Collaborated with the United States Department of State to become the first Imams Council to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism. Click here to read the then U.S. Special Envoy Elan S. Carr’s remarks.

GIC’s governing board and representatives travel to various countries throughout the year, meeting with government officials and faith leaders in order to ensure that the Council’s global objectives of dialogue, peace and harmony are met.  

The GIC responds rapidly to developments of concern, whether it be a parliamentary vote, a racist comment, bigoted stance, or an antisemitic cartoon, the GIC has proven time and again its willingness to step in and restore stability and civility. An example of this is GIC’s dialogue with Google LLC, here.

Some Numbers

Our current progress

Over 1,000 Members
We speak over 90 languages
Over 800 communities represented
Countries & Governments Engaged

Partner or Collaborate with GIC

The Global Imams Council is an international Muslim organization trusted by democracies and leaders of many of faiths. Partnering with us gives you access to the Holy Islamic Seminary as well as extensive networks and expertise in both international and interfaith relations. We have knowledge and understanding of working in different cultures and languages around the world, and maintain healthy international networks at all levels, from community leaders to government ministers and multilateral organizations.