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"Allah (God) Invites to the Home of Peace"

The Holy Quran: 10:25

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Over 1,000 Muslim faith leaders and scholars
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Our Imams Speak Over 20 Languages Combined
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Representing Over 800 Communities Worldwide
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In the Name of Allah Almighty

Welcome to the Global Imams Council

The world’s first and largest transnational NGO of Muslim religious Leaders from all Islamic Denominations and Schools of thought, with a rapidly growing number of over 1400 members worldwide. We take pride in our diversity, civic engagement, and community building.

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The Global Imams Council (GIC) welcomes membership applications from qualified Imams and Muslim scholars adhering to all Islamic denominations, schools of thought and sects.

Be part of the world’s first and largest international council of Shia and Sunni Muslim Imams that represents Muslims around the world. Whether you are a freshman graduate starting your career as an Imam or an established faith leader, GIC is here to support your ambitions. Our goal is to become the peak network of Imams internationally and unify the efforts of global faith leaders.

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