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Anna returned over 79$k in AUS, UK and EU in six months from brokers and banks.
Hello my name is Anna, and i am a consultant to victims that have fallen to financial crimes, scam or fraud. I am an ex Forex broker and an ex CMC manager.
Get an individual consultation that answers specific questions applicable in your case only. I offer full transparency during the entire process and invite you to come meet me in person. The service is very straight forward and delivers results.
What I do
Representing your interests, always.
In today's world having a wealth consultant is a must.
Adamo from Italy
I still can't believe you got those thieves to give me back my money! Thank you so much! For those who got scammed by brokers, l recommend you contact Anna's Funds Recovery, professional on every level.
Lewis from Australia
My big thanks goes to Anna. I was scammed by a broker for quite a large amount. Anna managed to get all my lost money back into my bank account in a month and with just two letters. I am very pleased with the professionalism, kindness, empathy and excellent communication. She kept me well informed and always answered quickly to my emails. Again thanks a lot. I can recommend this lady to everyone.
Alex Larkins
I fell a victim of an online romance scam and lost a lot of money.
After some google search i found Funds Recovery and decided to give it a try and find out whether there is a real person behind this site.
We are about 3 weeks working together on my case, and i now see the path behind the wall ive faced before.
I like Anna, She's very easy to talk with,
very nice and professional in her approach. I hope we'll get the fraudsters nailed.
How it works
Anna Peschanska is a professional and experienced specialist in Forex, CFD, crypto and identity theft funds recovery. Anna Peschanska assists traders in civil actions against unregulated and regulated financial companies. Anna Peschanska also specializes in legal actions against Binary Options trading companies. Anna Peschanska advises investors in how to retrieve their lost funds effectively.

How can Anna Peschanska help me when I have been scammed?
FACT: Banks are jointly and severally liable when their clients are financially damaged by Fraudulent Brokers conducting criminal activities. Anna Peschanska traces your lost monies from A to Z and holds financial institutions liable.
P.S. Negotiating with Your bank won't lead to ruing Your relationship with it.
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