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Hello, I am Anna Peschanska, and I am an ACFE Associate and ACOI affiliate member. I am a consultant to victims that have fallen for financial crimes, scams or fraud.
Get an individual consultation that answers specific questions applicable in your case. I offer full transparency during the entire process and invite you to come to meet me in person. The service is very straightforward and delivers results.
What I do
Money Tracing
Crypto tracing
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How does it work?
For those who have already faced a financial loss: We shall schedule a meeting to discuss what has happened to you. During the session, I will decompose the case and take you out of the situation. By the end of the session, I will offer you a recommended roadmap needed to claim the funds. Your full support and required information for providence are vital. I will liaise, draft and prepare
the documentation, handle correspondence to ensure your interests are met and relieve the burden and stress from you.
For those who are eager to try new investment possibilities, we shall schedule a meeting on how to avoid and prevent future fraud. I will give clear guidance on how to spot potential scammers, dodgy websites and ensure that
your finances are kept safe. For example, I examine websites and
perform pre-transaction due diligence on behalf of you, as a way to ensure your security.
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